About Me

I’ve been following the MH370 incident since the unexplained, tragic disappearance in March of 2014. After trying to learn more on the internet, I stumbled across a blog on the website of renowned space scientistĀ Dr. Duncan Steel, and I became a frequent contributor to the technical discussion on MH370.

After Duncan stopped moderating his blog, I was invited to be part of an email list of technical contributors. We became known as the MH370 Independent Group, or “IG” for short. Members of the IG have written many papers and statements about this incident, some authored by the entire group, some by subsets of the group, and some individually. We are also frequently contacted by media organizations that are covering the story. There is a healthy amount of diverse opinion within the group, but we all are committed to using our talents to help find the plane.

I am an engineer and entrepreneur that lives in Roanoke, Virginia, USA. My current venture isĀ called Radiant Physics. You can learn more about my background and my professional and community activities here.

You can reach me at mh370@radiantphysics.com and follow me on twitter at @RadiantPhysics .